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The Content Shrinks

A month ago today, I launched my new project The Content Shrinks® – Content Therapy and Corporate Change Management sans the buzzwords. If you are at all into connection of human behavior, happiness and content, have a look at, read the Manifesto and follow @contentshrinks on Twitter.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, setting up in Germany has never been easy. Bureaucracy, taxes. And how is an agent in this over-saturated market supposed to find customers?


The pessimists, the cynics, they are the loudest. Just stick to the day job. Do what you learned in college!! And whatever you do, don’t hand in your notice!!!

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Queues and Dreams
CC-BY-SA Mathias Maul

It took me about two hours to reach Victoria Station after the London Fireworks 2013 were over. It’s hard to run when you’re surrounded by 250.000 other people, even if they are heading into the same direction. Halfway to the tube, I saw a large sign that alternately displayed three lines of text:Read more →

101 Best Super Secret Blogging Strategies to Earn Loads of Cash on the Internet, Now!
CC-BY Nick Jewell

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Facebook fans: Dear-bought, not a bargain.
© Mathias Maul

Clients tend to look at me doe-eyed* when I tell them how important it is to build up a fanbase. “But … but … but it takes forever!” is their inevitable reply, followed by: “Isn’t there a way to speed it up?” Yes, it can be done faster. Much faster. Read more →

Re-Launched, at Last
CC-BY Ed Schipul

With the publication of my new book edging near, I set out on a much-needed re-launch of the MAULCO. website. I asked all current clients to hold on to their to-do lists, got hold of my Content Strategy tools – chainsaw, bonsai scissors and chocolate –, cut down some trees and planted new ones. Read more →

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