The Case for Humane Content Workflows

Content is a proxy for human-to-human interaction. Projects fail mostly because inter- and intra-human interfaces break down. As content is the only tangible unit of expression available to connect with its employees, agencies and the market, we need a human-focused approach to content strategy. In this article, I lay out the basis to achieve this within daily business operations.

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Thank you, Steve.

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Wabi Sabi 侘寂

A clever man once said: “The hallmark of excellent marketing agencies is that they do not – and do not need to – operate a web site. They invest all of their time, energy and passion in their clients’ projects.” The MAULCO. website has been hibernating for nearly three months now. Too much had changed here since mid-2008, and too much had to be changed (finally!), so taking the old website offline was the most sensible thing to do. However, I was so busy with client projects, plus half a dozen internal projects and one special private project, so work on the new website stalled. That’s why I flipped the switch on new website while it’s still unfinished. Don’t be confused, though, because if you take a closer look, you’ll find that all websites are, in a way, unfinished. It’s downright impossible to represent the work and the soul of a company on a flourescent screen: A website can only be an approximation that tries to represent the company and the people within. Subscribe to our new RSS feed or receive updates by e-mail. You can also follow me at Twitter, and remember: For any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a note.Read more →