Coach to Entrepreneur

Day 31: The Future

After the match is before the match. Just a sports’ metaphor? Not at all. Day 31 is when you really get started. Once you managed to get to this day, you’re on the right track to a brilliant future.Read more →

Day 30: Delegate and Outsource

The world is full to the brim with intelligent, friendly, efficient people. People who would love nothing more than working in an area they’re good at. The beautiful thing about it: for all those things you don’t really feel like doing, or for which you have no time, or cannot do, you will find someone who will love doing it. As a result, you’ll make at least two people a bit a happier.Read more →

Day 29: Automate

Computers are supposed to make life easier, and most of the time they do an excellent job. It’s a shame that only very few users know how much power is hidden in those boxes – and the much quoted cloud – which could make your daily work much much, much, much easier.Read more →

Day 28: Backoffice For Free

50 years ago, I would have had to employ at least four employees (I checked!) to do what I’m doing on a daily basis at my workplace. The various work processes would’ve progressed with a pace not unlike a snail’s. Nowadays you can set up a complete back office with a budget that is way below the pay for four employees.Read more →

Day 27: Productivity, This Time For Real

The market (ha!) is filled with personal organizers, productivity systems and whatnots. Most of them promise: “Use me and you’ll be more productive!” It’s not that they’re wrong, it’s just that most people simply ignore the word “use.” As a result, personal organizers have a tendency to end up in drawers and will only be taken out (and dusted) for the next appraisal interview with the boss. The simpler the productivity system is, the easier it is to use and thus the more efficient it will be to make you more efficient.Read more →

Day 26: Parting Without Tears

It’s not all fun and games in coaching and consulting. The client, who was so enthusiastic yesterday, can suddenly – for whatever reason – be Mr. Grumpy himself. It’s a difficult art to let go and profit from it as well, but it’s worth learning.Read more →

Day 25: E-Commerce: 24/7 at the Sales Counter

When a new client knocks on my door I like to ask: do you want your website to do something or should it just look pretty? Surprised, most will answer with a definite “errrr,” having no clue where the difference lies. I’ll tell you here and now, plus the simple secret of a website that can work for you 24/7.Read more →

Day 24: Closing the Sale, the Coach Way

What should an offer consist of and how should it be presented so that your client will be happy booking you as coach, trainer or consultant? What is useful, what is just showy but unnecessary, and what can actually land you the job?Read more →

Day 23: Sell Yourself … at a Premium

To sell one’s services as a coach or consultant basically means: selling yourself. Many find this really difficult, for a variety of reasons. With a combination of four aspects, learned and practiced diligently, even the shyest coach can soon be able to offer his services with fun and success.Read more →

Day 22: Marketing Without the Money

In order to finish this chapter I paced up and down looking at my bookshelves and asking myself: what are the four most promising methods in marketing for coaches and consultants, which everyone can use immediately? I believe I found the best out of the top 50, which will keep you busy for at least for a year. Read more →

Day 21: The Truth about Search Engines

How big is it, this internet thing? And how on earth do Google and the rest manage to find the right information from this unimaginably huge amount of information? Understanding how search engines work is the most important requirement for optimizing your web sites, and to understand this is actually quite simple. Read more →

Day 20: Swarms and Streams

The 90s Business Consultant and the 2000s Coach is now the Social Marketing Consultant. That’s not a problem per se, as long as you know exactly what social marketing means … because then you won’t need a social marketing consultant any more. Read more →

Day 19: Your Website in a Day

I have to admit that my wonderful editor slightly paused when I told her that I planned to encourage my readers to put their coaching website online in a single day. To be honest: if you’ve carefully read all chapters up to this one then three fourths of a day really suffice.Read more →

Day 18: Networking

“Hello Mr. X, please add me to your contact list.” — This is probably the least ideal version to increase the number of one’s contacts and yet many of us get bombarded daily by such requests. Online networks: what actually are they, and how should you use them efficiently?Read more →

Day 17: Print

Compared to the other chapter headings, “Print” seems out of place, and almost too simple … for a good reason: printed marketing collateral can be an important accessory to everything that’s possible online. As long as it’s used sensibly, printed material they can become indispensible helpers, even in a world that is (fortunately) turning more and more digital. Read more →

Day 16: Free Chocolate!

A centuries old marketing strategy – closely connected to the roots of philanthropy – became enormously popular over the last couple of years: giving away your knowledge. For free. Nothing builds up genuine trust faster than this.Read more →

Day 15: Winning the Name Game

Jennyfer-Noelle, Maurice-Fabrice, Annah-Strawberry … all these are children’s names which may leave you wondering: What on earth were the parents thinking? Well, probably too much. A name can be weighed down by memories of generations past and hopes for the progeny’s future. An enterprise needs a fitting name, too, and as so often the answer can be found in simplicity.Read more →

Day 14: Find and be Found

“I’m not doing any marketing. I just attract my customers,” said the brand-new coach … and went bankrupt. Seemingly magical attraction of the perfect clientele only works if you know how the magic works.Read more →

Day 13: Satisfy the Hunger

After an extended lunch at the steakhouse – your buttons are just about to pop – a good-humoured waiter comes along and offers you a calorie-rich dessert on the house. Chances will be slim that you’ll wolf down the mousse like you did the pound of sirloin steak. A client only buys when he is hungry and only if you have something to offer that can satisfy his individual appetite.Read more →

Day 12: Certifications and Associations

Dr. Zoe really had made something of himself. He had certificates from respected organizations, and yet every visitor would’ve been flabbergasted upon entering his practice.Read more →

Day 11: Pricing

A friend told me that “Earning in one day what my dad used to earn in a month – that feels obscene!” Wait. Really? What if it was perfectly alright? Long-term, you can only be successful if the fees fit the work you’re doing. This goes as much for your business as your private life.Read more →

Day 10: Corporate Identity and Corporate Design

“Oh no, not those buzzwords!“ a client once said when I started telling her about corporate identity and corporate design for coaches. But really, it is half as bad as it sounds and if you’ll take a closer look it’s only a quarter as bad. To be perfectly honest, it’s actually really pretty simple if you know some basics.Read more →

Day 9: Your First Product

One product in one day: thousands of entrepreneurs have proven that it’s possible and hundreds have shown that can be done very successfully. You can do it, too.Read more →

Day 8: Conquering the World

Maybe you’ll remember this from Latin class: divide et impera, divide and conquer. The world isn’t conquered in a single day, and seriously: why put the weight of the world on your shoulders, when you can simply create your own world – and then conquer it?Read more →

Day 7: Do or be Doomed

“I have so many great ideas, but no time to realize them!” Does that sound faintly familiar? If so, this chapter might be the most important one for you.Read more →

Day 6: Bootstrapping

A start-up costs a lot of money? You’d think so. Well, sure it can cost a lot of money, but you can achieve a lot even on a tiny budget. Maybe even everything.Read more →

Day 5: Lone Wolves and Packs

Are you a lone wolf or a member of the pack? Probably something in between, right? Even so: which pack, regardless of its size, is “the right one”? And when is the right time for establishing one’s own pack?Read more →

Day 4: Places to Work

The moment my son was born, my home office was – bam! – a thing of the past. One year and a couple of failed attempts later, I had learned how to search, find and use genuinely productive workspaces.Read more →

Day 3: The Ideal Positioning Statement

Granted: Positioning is quite difficult for professional coaches. As a well-trained coach one can offer many services, no doubt about that, but one problem remains: there are many – no, pardon me: tons of extremely well-trained coaches and all of them want to do basically the same.Read more →

Day 2: A Perfect Day

Oh, to be a professional coach! Sleeping in every day, coaching one board of directors after the other, working just four days a month and spending the rest of the time sipping Margaritas in a deck chair in your villa’s garden at the lake. — What? No?Read more →

Day 1: Your Ideal Client

What exactly is this “market” thing that marketing experts love to talk about? Nothing more than the group of people comprising all those interested in what you have to offer. An enterprise can only be successful if you know the exact type of client you want to attract and – no less important – the kind without whom your life would be so much nicer.Read more →