Content Strategy

Is Content Strategy just the next big buzzword for … nothing in particular? Can Content Strategy solve issues that have bugged us for decades? Does every company need a CCO (Chief Content Officer) as Kristina Halvorson put it? Or is CS just a pile of BS?

No, yes, yes, and no.

You see, I firmly believe that we are witnessing the sunsetting of era of division between business content and UX, and the emergence of CS as a discipline that might be able to reunite what has been divided for so long. Content Strategy takes the human element more into account than any other related discipline and has the potential to bring humans, computers and information closer together.

If you were to take a quick look at the German version of this page, you’d find a long-winded explanation of Content Strategy and its merits. Readers from English-speaking countries, however, will already be familiar with this, so I’ll spare myself that discussion, sans one aspect: What Content Strategy means to us at MAULCO.

Back on Track

If you see or feel that your company is off-track, off-schedule, off-mission or, simply, off-revenue, this will typically show in how its content is organized and presented. Does your website show what you’re really doing? Or does it show what you used to do, or worse: what you always wanted to do, but never quite got around to? Does information flow freely enough so that everyone can do their jobs? Do your clients know at first glance why and what they should buy when they look at your website?

To get you back on track, we at MAULCO. take the Content Strategy route to enable you to find or rediscover the essence of your company, regardless of its size, age or current level of confusion. Armed with decades of coaching experience, a solid foundation in linguistics, psychology and marketing as well as equipped with a huge number of deep breaths, we’ll dive deep into your heaps of content, emerging with a handful of nuggets.

It might take a painful process, not unlike surgery, to get rid of some of those old, encrusted structures, but as soon as we’ve unearthed what really makes you and your company tick, we’ll use this as a fertile ground for building a strategically sound content ecosystem.

Contact us to find out if we could be up to the job of getting your content to be the most productive and best-loved part of your company. We’re available in Germany (Hamburg), Switzerland (Zurich), the UK (London) and probably every other location world-wide.