Marketing Consulting

More better customers. Not just more, and not just better. We strive to help you get both. Because without them, your business life would be dull, or bankrupt. Or both, right?

Marketing Consulting by MAULCO. means: Helping you to attract exactly those customers who are good for your business and for you, regardless of whether you are a one-man show or play the world’s stage. People who enjoy buying your products or services, who almost automatically find their way to you. You know, those kinds of people who’ll will be genuinely happy to recommend your business without being asked or, even worse, begged.

Obviously, the specific measures that need to be taken to achieve this lofty goal vary from job to job: Maybe you do already have a marketing plan but it doesn’t deliver the results you had anticipated. Or you do already have a pretty website, but it just sits there twiddling its thumbs instead of acquiring new customers 24/7/365.

Our ideal clients are those that are bursting with (sometimes wild) ideas and concepts, but somehow can’t seem to get the ball rolling, or those whose ball has stopped mid-track and no one really knows why, or how to get it back in motion. Then, we come into play, using the latest and greatest approaches to sort out, structure and position your company as well as your offers on the market, so that when we’re finished, your products roll … maybe even uphill.

MAULCO. mainly concentrates on

  • the consulting, training and coaching business sector,
  • IT and new media,
  • health care and psychotherapy,

but we feel at home in nearly every projects that has that special kind of spicy feel to it that just makes us want to invest our time, energy and hearts. Without challenges, life gets boring rather quickly, so even if your business sector is not listed above, feel free to get in touch.

As simple as possible.

All our marketing projects have something in common: great emphasis on simplicity in concept and execution; on clarity and structure; on efficiency; on everything that is necessary – not only, but especially outside of the well trodden paths of marketing methods -, in order to make your business what it should be: successful and fulfilling. We try to cut the crap wherever possible.

Positioning and Corporate Identity

You can’t be successful in the long run when you fail to precisely get across what it is that you have to offer and what distinguishes you from your competition. Our fastest way to achieve an ideal market position and crystal clear corporate identity is an individual workshop: in a short amount of time, we – that means you and us together – will work out a clear positioning that you’ll be completely happy with.

What amount of time, exactly? For example, a doctor’s office usually takes a day to be positioned. A bigger group practice that requires sub-positioning takes two to three days, although you won’t have to be present all the time. If you run a large firm, we might take a week to get done, but we never took longer than that to achieve results with which our clients were happy. Send us information about your project, and after that it only takes a phone call to assess the first steps that are necessary to start working.

Behind the Scenes

All our projects operate according to Lean principles, and we’re using Scrum for dev projects. Business processes are heavily modelled on what we learned from 37signals’ Getting Real, and all tasks are organized according to David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. For operational planning, we use Basecamp and Pivotal Tracker.