Considering that Frank Thumb has decades of marketing and advertising experience under his belt – more than 10 of which as managing director in one of the world’s largest ad agencies –, his work has remained amazingly lean and clear: He quickly separates wheat from chaff, and with a fast and open mind, he creates strategies that move content, conversations, and profits.

Victor del Rosal teaches Business Strategies for Cloud Computing at the National College of Ireland, and how to live the good life everywhere else. He’s exactly how you’d expect a Mexican living in Ireland to be: Compassionate, pragmatic and light-hearted, with an always-sunny outlook into the future—whatever it might turn out to be.

Johanna Urban is our specialist for corporate design, branding, and everything that simply must be beautiful. Even more valuable than her reddot Award and a German Design Award is the peace of mind with which she tackles projects of any size.

As a Professional Crazy Person Niels Koschoreck mostly does (real) marketing for (real) people. Niels is one of the most genuine and thus – quite logically – one of the best change artists and transformation technicians I’ve ever met.

Boris Zimmermann is a lawyer in Frankfurt. Amongst other fields of expertise he mainly offers counsel for start-ups, contract law and debt collection. He advises physicians wishing to start a professional activity, draws up contracts and is experienced in professional law for physicians, trainers and coaches.

Before founding MAULCO. in 2005, I graduated with a Master’s in linguistics, computer science and English. Working as software engineer (on NeXTSTEP and Objective-C; later, regrettably, the Java™ platform) and running my private brief therapy practice in parallel taught me that humans are, for the most part, more easily debugged than software. Since 2008, I am slowly becoming a father – a little bit more each day.